tri weather


every morning the sky looks gloomy and gray but by mid afternoon it becomes bright and sunny only to turn dark and cloudy by evening. as interesting as this daily weather is, it’s affecting my day to day mood. i wake up feeling down and unmotivated only to become happy and optimistic by afternoon then by nightfall I’m feeling depressed and sad.

with my finals quickly approaching (next week to be exact) I’m feeling stressed out and worried. it doesn’t help that out of the five subjects I’ll be taking, I’ve flunked two of them before and the other three requires me to read and memorize the entire textbooks. my procrastinating skills and ability to be distracted by just about anything just add to the stress. however every cloud has a silver lining, and with every final exams comes a break in the form of a holiday. even though it’s only going to be three weeks long, i seem to have already planned to fill every minute and seconds of it with some activity; be it checking out every single mall in Kl to reading the newest Shopaholic book. so now all i got to do is somehow force my butt to stay in the chair and for my eyes and attention to stay focused on the book in front of me and everything will be fine.



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