running away

there i was just sitting, staring at the computer screen

when suddenly, i get a call from my neighbour

she tells me that my gate is open, and that my white dog is running around

the first thought in my mind is Taffy, my puppy silky terrier

so i run downstairs, and yell for my dad to come help


i go out and see my white dog, but the other two were no where to be seen

immediately my heart starts beating, i was on the verge of hyperventilating

the black dog, im not so worried about him

the puppy, well he could be anywhere


my last puppy that ran out, got hit by a car

he passed away, while we were on the way to the vet

i didn’t know what to do, i didnt know where to start

i listened for the sound of dogs barking, and followed the barks

eventually i see a black dog in the distance, judginf from his limp

he must be mine, my black dog

i was slightly relieved, but wheres the puppy ?


my heart started beating faster, my mind raced

it’s 6.45, the time when the school buses make their rounds

dropping of the school kids, i didnt even want to think about what could happen to my pup


finally i see behind my black dog, was a family of 5

some kids, a husband and his wife

they were holding a leash, to which a puppy was attached

a puppy which looked exactly like mine

i realized my black dog was walking with them, he kept going back and forth

as if asking the family to follow him


i ran to the family, hoping they could give me my dog back

and they did, they asked if he was mine

they said, your dog ran into our house

gratefully i carried my pup, said thanks repeatedly

and went home.


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