grey like the weather

have i mentioned how much i dislike our current weather ?

the whole sunny during the day and rainy in the late afternoon only to become warm at night. so irritating

so not only do i have to face my monday blues. i have to do it while having crappy weather.

last weekend was fun. kicked it off friday night.

straight after my class ended at 6pm with a barbecue at my place to celebrate the boyf’s birthday. the food was awesome, the company was awesome-er

this was his please give me food puppy dog face 😦




and the very next day was saturday. saturdays are always great, the fact alone that i have no classes or work to do is what makes it a guarenteed awesome day.


i spent it eating yummy seafood for dinner and then with a spontaneous late night trip to genting. like 1am late night and cause it wasnt a planned trip i was so not dressed for the cold weather in the mountains. with my lightweight sleeveless dress and strappy heels i was freezing up there. but with some walking around and some alcohol i soon warmed up. i’ll like to thank my uni and its central air cond with is always cold for preparing my body for moments like this where i’ll have to brave the cold weather in clothes so thin they were made for the beach.

this dress was not made for cold weather.


i kicked sunday off to a slow start. mainly cause i only got home at like 5 in the morning and i had to get up at 8am for church. so after church i had dim sum for brunch and a nice long nap to make up for the previous late night. i ended the day with pasar malam food for dinner and loads of jelly 🙂




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