i like posting style shots on chictopia but i feel like my shots dont look as nice as the ones that other people post. i think its cause they’re background looks nicer and hence it produces nicer photographs. and im kinda shy about taking them in public so i have the option of my own house. which is what alot of people do. i used to take my style shots in my room. but because i dont have a tripod i normally just use my bed frame as a stand. but now that i’ve changed my bed frame i can’t use it as a stand anymore and so im on the search for another spot in my house thats bright and clear enough for me to use as a back drop.


and so i’ve decided to climb onto the roof!. it was perfect since its right outside my room so i just have to climb out the window, its totally safe and because its outdoors, it has natural sunlight. definitely a huge plus in my books.


now that i’ve found the perfect spot in my house to use as a backdrop i can now take more style shots ! yay =)


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