lost and found.

sometimes i sit on the floor and stare at my cupboard. then i get up and drag everything out. every single article of clothing. only to put it back in again neatly. only for it to be a mess again a few days later. but in the process of dragging everything out and putting it back in. sometimes i find stuff i forgot i had. like this time, i found my harem pants. my harem pants which i never wore before, the pair i bought cause it was selling really cheap. i love my harem pants, its so soft and roomy and comfy. i dont know why or how i even managed to forget about it. but to think about it, at the time i bought it i wasnt really into the harem pants trend but still bought it nonetheless, so its easy to realize or rather remember why i forgot about it, but now that I’ve found it, i’m gonna wear it.

top: Flea market, pants: Cotton On, shoes: New Look

its like i give my past self a pat on the back for always buying things im not sure i like only to end up loving it in the future. like the off white bag i’ve been using the past few weeks. when i bought it i wasnt very sure about it and so i kept it away for months, only to find it again recently and realize its potential to match everything i own 🙂


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