just dull

its officially finals week. supposed to be studying right now but i’m procrastinating so whatever.

Jacket: Dotti, shoes: Rubi from Cotton On.

feeling rather dull these days. like everything is so boring and dull. but i’ve got lots of plans for my short 3 week break so i hope that’ll get me out of my dull funk.


3 thoughts on “just dull

  1. Fyp week for me too! All the best to the both of us! (:

  2. Natasha says:

    Heyy i just found your blog through chictopia, i really like the way its put together and the content.

    Love the photos of you with your family too there really cute.

    Check out mine if u have chance http://ruparee.blogspot.com/ šŸ™‚


  3. christina says:

    i know this feeling… i lost my father some years ago… but still life goes on and we HAVE to try to be happy and remember our beloveds and all the nice times we shared…
    kisses and love from athens, greece

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