happy belated easter day!

last weekend was easter weekend and im sorry i didnt post anything. i wanted to i swear but i was tied down with finals  but now its over and i have freedom to laze around doing nothing guilt free 🙂 too bad this freedom is just a mere 2 weeks long. but no worries i’m just starting my thesis so by the end of the year if all goes well i’ll be able to graduate. so good luck to me 🙂

top:flea market, shorts: mart by Mooie, shoes: Unisa

i spent my easter lunch with some relatives having a Japanese buffet lunch and wow was it filling!

i figured since it was easter and i was going to a buffet lunch i better wear something stretchable but in light colors to match the occasion. also since i had to walk around to get my food i wore my low wedges. no falling over and dropping plates of food for me 🙂

anyway happy belated easter to everyone 🙂

ps: i dyed my hair red ! it’s something i wanted to do for a long time but just didnt have the guts to do mainly cause i had no idea how it would turn out and cause i didn’t want to end up looking like some old auntie from the market. but i think it looks not bad now so i’ll put up a post to show off my new red mane soon!


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