partial freedom

as i mentioned before, i am now on holiday!. the finals were hard, harder than usual. but i’m thinking its due to the fact that i only have classes 2 and a half days a week this semester, which didn’t really help me get out of my holiday mood and that has made it harder to get focused and to motivate myself to study. i mean i have classes 2 days a week and the other 5 days i can do whatever i want. so obviously i’m gonna laze around and be unproductive so not helpful at all. so yea finals were hard i admit, and i blame it on myself for not having the will power i needed to pull myself away from the other more interesting activities and face the books instead. but anyway the semester is over, so here’s to hoping next semester will be better.

although my holidays is only 2 weeks plus, i have big plans for it. i’m thinking of volunteering for SPCA. thats something i’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t due to some issues, issues that i’ll talk about some other time. i know volunteering for the SPCA may require some yucky stuff that i may not want to do (picking up dog shit anyone?) but i just gotta do it cause i love dogs and i wanna help. some people are content with just donating money but i’m not, i mean theres only so much money can do, these dogs, they’ve been abandoned or never been loved. i want to go and help the organization and at the same time help the dogs, show them some love and attention, at the same time they’ll probably get cleaner cages too.

also i’ve got a DIY project i want to do. i want to build a fence like frame so i have a room i’ll be able to put my dogs in. i have never been good at toilet training my dogs so i get this issue of my dogs doing thier business in the house sometiems, so because of that i don’t let them inside the house as much as i would like too. so i’m thinking of using this fence thing i wanna build to block of some areas so they cant get to those parts of the house. i searched online and found out that to buy these fences it might cost me alot, so the bf thought of this idea that seems simple and easy to do ourselves. so we’re gonna try to  make it happen.

and i’ve got tickets to see Switchfoot when they come to Malaysia this Sunday. so i’m super excited about that. i’ll always loved Switchfoot, ever since a friend gave me their album, the Beautiful letdown. i bought tickets for the intimate Zone which are the closest i could get to the stage, so im hoping for an awesome night! i seem to prefer the songs from their first album so i hope they’ll play a few songs from there as well.

Shirt: Topshop, Shorts: Zara, Shoes: Sunway Pyramid, Bag: Jimmy Choo

thats all that i can think of now but i’m assuming or hoping that as my holidays go on, i’ll think of more things i want to do and do it before my freedom ends and it’s back to the books for me. it’s only going to be about 2 more semester until i finish my degree. so i should graduate by the end of this year. so im guessing the next few semesters are going to be tough 🙂


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