10 thing i don’t normally do

Awhile ago i was just browsing through a friends blog when she stated her that new goal for this year is to do 10 outrageous things. So i thought to myself, that sounds like a good idea! i think i’ll try it too but instead of outrageous things, i’ll start small with things i won’t normally do. So to start off, i looked back at my photos taken from the last few months so see if theres anything i already did that can go on this list.

And so heres the start of my 10 things i don’t normally do list. I’ll probably do a recap at the end of the year 🙂

  1. I drove a small tractor. It was one of those machineries that they use to even out the sand in a horse paddock. Which was what i was supposed to be doing, evening out the sand 
  2. I dyed my hair red. As i mentioned in the previous post. its something i’ve always wanted to do but didnt have the guts to do. Until recently i’ve decided to just go for it. I psyched myself but telling myself that if i’ve wanted to do this since a few years ago, and still wanted to do it now, whats the odds that i’ll probably still want to do it in the future? So i might as well do it now, while i’m still in my twenties, instead of when i’m in my forties or fifties. 
  3. I saw switchfoot live (will blog about that in another post very soon!). They’re one of my fave bands and i figured since they rarely come to Malaysia, i’m going to actually buy tickets to go see them.  This marks the first time i’ve actually paid money to buy tickets to a concert. The previous concerts that i’ve been to had either been free or i got passes from a friend. they were amazing by the way
and so thats the first 3 things i did. i got like 7 months more to do another 7 things i won’t normally do.

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