picture dump

i think i’m having some post exam stress depression or something. it’s like you stressed so much during the whole semester that now that the holidays are here and suddenly i have absolutely nothing to do. its like too extreme a difference and perhaps all this free time is translating into some sort of depression. and pehaps all this free time is just too much time that i spend thinking about things that are making me kinda depressed. like “if the world ended tomorrow, would i die happy?’ and “would anyone care if i suddenly disappeared?’. but really, if i were to die tomorrow, i don’t think i’ll die happy. satisfied maybe, but definitely not happy.

anyway on a lighter note, the weather in KL is being really bipolar. like one day its super hot. then the next day it’s heavy rain and thunder. anyway yesterday was one of those super hot days, so i just threw on a dress and a cropped top over it. short hemline to beat heat but crop top with sleeves cause my shoulders get cold easily. i’m so weird like that, i wear short hemlines but kinda always try to cover us my arms. not cause im insecure about my arms but cause i’m paranoid about my arms getting cold. i know i’m not one of those who get cold easily ( cause i went through a spaghetti strap phase).

Top: Cotton On, Dress: Flea Market, Bag: Miss Selfridge’s, Shoes: Birkenstock

anyway so i wore this outfit and the weather was super hot but then when i got back, a few hours later the sky got darker and darker and ended in really heavy rain.

and now for some random pictures. random meaning i think they look nice and i just wanna post it here but it doesn’t warrant an actual entire post dedicated to it.

i tried on my steve madden heels in my room to see if i should still walk in them, cause i’ve been cheating with platforms for so long that i didn’t know whether i could still walk in high heels. and my pup decided to sniff my shoes and then sleep on them. my feet smell nice i guess.

finally tried ice cream from The Last Polka earlier this month. a few of my friends had been raving about it so when i tried out a restaurant called The Bee and found out they had the ice cream so i tried it. i tried the Mango flavor, common i know. considering they had more interesting flavors, like nutella and milo. but it was a hot day and i felt like eating mango. anyway it was just ok in my opinion.

oh i miss switchfoot. (self explanatory)

last but not least…

my dog has laser eyes! pew pew 🙂


One thought on “picture dump

  1. mayjeanc says:

    I love how you have rooftop shots, very creative!

    I really liked The Last Polka ice cream in Nutella, maybe you will like it better 🙂

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