lovely blog award.

a really really big thank you to Christina from Lemoncake Wardrobe for giving me the lovely blog award 🙂

and the rules are:

1. link back to the person who passed you the award
2. share 7 random things about yourself
3. award 15 blogs
4. drop them a note and tell them about it
so here goes!
7 random facts about me are :
  1. i love kit kats. but only the imported ones. i think that the malaysian made ones taste funny
  2. i think kitten heels (eg. those 1 inch heels) should be banned or illegal. cause they only make the wearer look short and stumpy
  3. one of my favorite colors are navy blue 🙂
  4. if i had to choose an item of clothing to wear forever, i’;; choose demin shorts
  5. i love all dogs. and dream of owning an animal shelter and saving all doggies
  6. sometimes i get this brilliant idea and get pissed off really quick if other people dont like it
  7. lastly i get really easily influenced.
and i as my blog is kinda new so i don’t really know 15 other bloggers… soo i’m passing on the blog to no one.. sorry! 😦

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