back to school

it’s that time of the year again when holidays end and classes start again. normally i’ll just feel a bit down but this time i’m really really dreading going back to uni. maybe its cause i know the classes i’ll be taking this semester are heavier and that i’m also doing thesis. just after 1 day of classes, i learnt that in a months time i’ll be sitting for my mid terms, have 2 major assignments due and also a research proposal to hand up. the fact that my whole thesis 1 grade is depended on my research proposal and that the 2 assignments that due are worth a huge chuck of my score and also my research proposal and the 2 assignments are due on the same day!

Dress: Cotton On, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: Teetoo

love this dress by the way, so soft and comfy. and not too short which was a good thing. cause the day i wore it was a windy day, i imagine if it was shorter i may have accidentally flashed somebody with all the wind blowing my skirt in all directions. also loving my bag, which was huge enough to put everything in. including my cardigan, water bottle and more.


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