whos gonna save the world tonight?

i attended my little nieces birthday, and she turned 5 with a dinner at Shang Palace in Shangri-La with an ice cream cake from Haagan Daaz. During the dinner i found out that both her and her brother have their own mobile phone now. a blueberry lol. their very own color screen camera phone with a qwerty keypad. yes i admit i was a little jealous. when i was 5 the only kind of mobile phone i had was those fake plastic ones you get from the night market. but then again times have changed. when i was 5, cell phones were still a new thing, and color screen phones were unheard of, much less camera phones. but then again this is our future, these kids nowadays who grow up playing wih ipads, cell phones and laptops are our future. so maybe our future will be a really hi tech one. hopefully these kids will have a better sense of self and wisdom than some people now like the obidient wife club for example.

the birthday girl.

the kids phone. haha not a blackberry but a blueberry

Shirt:Romp, Jeans:Forever21, Shoes:Vincci, Bag:Shoez Obsession.


on a related note, i think this obedient wifes club is utter bullshit. a group of ladies decided to form a club which thinks that women are meant to please and be obidient to their husbands at all times. that women are supposed to be better than a first class prostitute in the bedroom and that women should greet their husbands will open arms ready to do whatever they asked. basically their stand is that women should be slaves to their husbands. that we are just here to attend to their every whim and fancy and that we are only meant to make the lifes of a guy easier and much more pleasurable. if a month ago you told me there was such a club, i would never have believed it. the idea that such a club exists is ridiculous. the idea that it was a bunch of women that started it is even more mind blowing. i can only hope that the kids of our future are brought up to have better values than that and hopefully much more self esteem to not think of women as slaves to their husbands.



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