last Friday night.

inspired by katy perrys new song (i loved the music video by the way), i decided to do a post on what i was doing last last friday and last friday night. the last 2 fridays basically

so while katy perry was dancing on tabletops, took too many shots and forgot who she kissed, i was

studying for quizzes

searching for journals i could use for my thesis proposal

and taking ‘self potraits’ to kill some time.

and the next friday night, which she does it all over again.

i handed in my proposal. 😀

took some pictures of the night sky, according to google, its the lunar moon. no wonder the sky (and the moon) looked gorgeous.

yea i know its blurry but i liked the color of the sky and the way the lights looked. also i find it cool how the sky on the left side of my house looked pinkish, while it looked dark blue on the right side (see photo below)

and gave my dogs some treats.

i’m guessing this friday is going to be the same, all the way till mid july.


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