failed bokeh.

my first attempt at making my own Bokeh lens thingy.

first i gathered my equipment: which was some thick dark paper, a map use so i dont scratch my table, pencils, and obviously a blade and scissors.


heres a less cluttered picture

of the paper. i used the brochures that i got for tv’s when i went to harvey norman. cause i needed paper thick enough for the light no not go through and it had to be dark colored.

and the other stuff needed.

so after you draw the circle and the shape you want inside of it. ( i used the lens cap to get the size of my circle) and cut out the shape and the circle you should get something that looks etter than this.

with some cellophane tape to stick it to the front of your lens and you should get a picture that hopefully looks better than this.




so i kinda got outlines of stars but its not very obvious. so im thinking maybe its the size of my shapes or how defined they are. probably if i tried more i might be able to get it right.


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