thats the day that i was born. so that means i turned 22 this year. another year to cement my adult status. however i still dont feel anything. i don’t feel older or wiser and more adult like. i dont know who decided that 21 should be the age to classify someone as an adult. i think being an adult should be defined by the experiences someone goes through or maybe how mature the person thinks. as the saying goes, age is nothing but a number.

anyway this year for my birthday, i had 3 seperate celebrations. one with family, another with my family and extended family and lastly another one with my friends. ao the first one was at my aunties house and was a combination of me, my dad, my bro and my aunts birthday. because our birthdays are within a few days of each other. 29th june, 2nd, 5th and 8th july. and we had a barbeque kinda. actually it was supposed to be a small dinner with grilled food and all but then on the day itself i arrived to see the rest of my family all there. and my cousin was like yea, she thought it was supposed to be a small dinner too anyway so our small dinner became a full blown family gathering.  oh well it was alright and the food was yummy.

we had pork

lamb and lots of veggies and lots of steak (not pictured)

and 3 birthday cakes! one chocolate, 1 tiramisu and 1 passionfruit.

oops forgot to rotate the picture. anyway my dad honestly. you would think being his age and all would know how to cut a cake but no his slice came out like yucks.

so anyway i guess i’ll seperate the other 2 into seperate posts. and leave you with a picture of me and my nephew doing god knows what


One thought on “080789

  1. Erisha says:

    so u have a new blog here! yay 🙂
    and OHEMGEE!! three cakes for bday?? i only got one 😦

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