birthday post: part 2

i know its been quite a while since i’ve blogged and im really sorry for my absence its just that i’ve been really lazy. yes i admit that im not busy and overwhelmed with a lack of time management but just lazy and unable to get out of my comfy bed 🙂


anyway heres part 2 of my birthday post. theres gonna be 3 parts by the way.


so for my second birthday celebration, i celebrate with a few friends. a few meaning 4 only . haha its the quality and not the quantity in my case. and i decided i wanted to do something different besides the usual thing that everyone does, which is go to the mall and eat expensive food, or go clubbing or go have some big party. this year i wanted to do something simple and different so we went to a typical Chinese seafood restaurant and have lots and lots of seafood. we didnt feel the need to dress up or wear heels or stay out all night long. also cause it was the weekedn before finals and being the studious students that we are we gotta worry about our studying. lots of love to pearly who still came even thoguht she had her first paper very early the next morning. 🙂 theres not a lot of pictures for this post because we ate and talked a lot and hence didnt really bother with the taking pictures. besides we started eating the moment the food reached the table, the camera just didnt stand a chance.

heres me and pearly

and pearly, me and abby


and my cake 🙂 chocolate and mint. yummeh





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