A bit of a distraction

right now as i’m typing out this post, I’ve got Americas Next Top Model Cycle 13 playing at the same time. this being my fave cycle cause i love the winner. anyway i was in Bangkok! for 4 days and 3 night. but technically shopping wise i had 3 days cause our flight to come back to KL was at 6pm so we had to eave early in case there was a traffic jam or something.

but i loved it. i loved every single moment there and literally didnt want to leave. i was planning with Erina to hug the pillars in the airport so there shouldn’t drag us away.

so anyway i went there with

Erina and her mum, Peggy


and Sia Peng

oooh and shopping, it was love πŸ™‚

hmm dont have much to write now cause my attention which started off on this post is now almost completely focused on ANTM but i wanted to post something so…

i miss the hotel buffet breakfast, yummy omelette with extra cheese and pork bacon every morning



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