Life through instagram

heres a quick photo update on what i’ve been doing the past few days, featuring some of what i’ve recently posted on instagram. if you aren’t following me you should (@siu_mei) 🙂

i decided to bleach my hair myself cause i only wanted the bottom half to be bleached so it’ll only be noticeable when i tie my hair up so it’ll look like i just have my usual dark hair when i let it down.

bought a new bikini for my upcoming perhentian trip. beach, sun and seas here i come!

sushi for dinner with the boy at Yuzu. we rarely go cause cause although the food there is amazing, the prices are a little steep.

weekly sunday breakfast with the family. we’ve been having american breakfast at different restaurants for the past few weeks cause my brother swore of pork for lent, which eliminates most of the nice chinese breakfasts.

my fringe is long cause I’m trying to grow it out and my dogs hair is long cause i haven’t found the time to groom him myself or send him to the groomers. so it results in the both of us seeing the world through our hair.

self indulgent moment 🙂

started reading the hunger games because the movie looked really good but i always try to read the books first. read the first book, got hooked and then bought the rest of the series.

just my dog looking adorable.

and thats it for now 🙂


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