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Life through instagram

heres a quick photo update on what i’ve been doing the past few days, featuring some of what i’ve recently posted on instagram. if you aren’t following me you should (@siu_mei) 🙂

i decided to bleach my hair myself cause i only wanted the bottom half to be bleached so it’ll only be noticeable when i tie my hair up so it’ll look like i just have my usual dark hair when i let it down.

bought a new bikini for my upcoming perhentian trip. beach, sun and seas here i come!

sushi for dinner with the boy at Yuzu. we rarely go cause cause although the food there is amazing, the prices are a little steep.

weekly sunday breakfast with the family. we’ve been having american breakfast at different restaurants for the past few weeks cause my brother swore of pork for lent, which eliminates most of the nice chinese breakfasts.

my fringe is long cause I’m trying to grow it out and my dogs hair is long cause i haven’t found the time to groom him myself or send him to the groomers. so it results in the both of us seeing the world through our hair.

self indulgent moment 🙂

started reading the hunger games because the movie looked really good but i always try to read the books first. read the first book, got hooked and then bought the rest of the series.

just my dog looking adorable.

and thats it for now 🙂


the best time of the year.

as i sit here facing my iMac, typing out this post i’m listening to Natasha Beddingfields Neon lights, which is one of my favorite songs and in my opinion, a somewhat accurate song to describe my mood right now. listening to my favorite song while write about my favorite time of the year, very appropriate in my opinion. i love chinese new year, it’s better than even christmas and my birthday. it’s that one time of the year where without fail the whole family gathers in someones house and spends the whole day for about 3 days catching up, gambling, eating together and enjoying yourselves.

to me, chinese new year is about being with family whether immediate or extended.

young or old

blood related or not

once a year we meet up, make noise, gamble and enjoy ourselves.

i love my family to bits and i wouldn’t trade them for anything else in the world no matter how much they irritate and infuriate me sometimes.

Dancing to a brand new beat.

It’s been so long since i’ve had a proper post but i’ve just been really busy with my last semester, i know classes isn’t really a valid excuse for not blogging but it was my last semester and the classes and assignments were really hectic and time consuming, i was working on my thesis as well as 2 other heavy subjects and a simpler one. So anyway i’m now finally on holiday! Well technically I’m unemployed since I’m no longer a student, but I’m totally freaking out about my results and so i’m not gonna be confident until the results come out next month and its official.

I’m actually kinda excited that i’m actually done with university, not that i know what i want to do with my life. my short term plan is to just chilling and maybe find a part time job for income until my convocation then after that i’ll start looking for a full time job. I really don’t know what to do with my life, it’s like life has always been mapped out, you know you go to school then go to university but now that university is over i have no idea what to do. i guess it’s the end of a chapter in my life and the beginning of another.

Anyway this is what i wore to my last ever uni presentation, its was for a group assignment where we had to form our own talent consultation company and create a training program for future leaders. I actually enjoyed this assignment as its something totally different from my usual psychology assignments. For the presentation, my group decided to have a dress code and wear either black, white or blue because our company logo comprises of those colors.

Skirt: Cotton On, Shoes: Vincci, Bag: Warehouse

i guess since uni is over and i’ve got no plans so hopefully i’ve be back to blogging on a more regular basis.

xoxo 🙂

you’re just a daydream away.

i realize that i haven’t done a proper outfit post in quite a while, but thats because i’ve been kinda stuck in a rut and lazy to dress up and also cause every time i’ve actually dressed up i’ve been either lazy to take a shot of it or just couldnt find a nice place to take the shot. i like having clear backgrounds and it frustrates me to have to a busy background sometimes. so anyway here’s my not very stylish outfit shots, just because i felt like this space was getting somewhat neglected.

see my daily outfits have consited of flat shoes, shorts and a tank top. but then again now that my holidays are over and i’m back to uni, i feel like im getting not so lazy. so maybe there’ll be more outfit posts.


Like I’m walking on air.

because i like to take precious time to have fun and do unproductive things just to get away from the mundane days of studying.

Top: Bangkok
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Bangkok

A bit of a distraction

right now as i’m typing out this post, I’ve got Americas Next Top Model Cycle 13 playing at the same time. this being my fave cycle cause i love the winner. anyway i was in Bangkok! for 4 days and 3 night. but technically shopping wise i had 3 days cause our flight to come back to KL was at 6pm so we had to eave early in case there was a traffic jam or something.

but i loved it. i loved every single moment there and literally didnt want to leave. i was planning with Erina to hug the pillars in the airport so there shouldn’t drag us away.

so anyway i went there with

Erina and her mum, Peggy


and Sia Peng

oooh and shopping, it was love 🙂

hmm dont have much to write now cause my attention which started off on this post is now almost completely focused on ANTM but i wanted to post something so…

i miss the hotel buffet breakfast, yummy omelette with extra cheese and pork bacon every morning


birthday post: part 3

and heres the last and final part of my posts about my birthday. seeing as my birthday was over a month ago i’ll say its been long overdue. anyway for this last post, my birthday was celebrated at Bettys Midwest Kitchen with the boy, my dad, his sister and my brother and his clan 🙂

the food was delicious and we finished every single bite and cleaned our plates. we wanted to try everything from the menu but alas we couldn’t so we each ordered a plate each and shared so we got to try about half the dishes on the menu, we had the pork ribs and pork chops, and burgers and one more that i could remember what it was, it was pork related i remember.

the foood

and heres some proof that we cleaned our plates

its my last birthday cake for the year!

look how happy he looks while destroying the flowers on my cake 😦