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A little bit of peace

To wake up every morning tangled in my comforters, hugging my bolster and stuffed elephant.

To turn around and see my dog still sleeping soundly next to me, he’ll stir awake because o the movement I’ve caused by turning around and he look at me through sleepy eyes and give me a lick of the face as if he’s saying good morning.

And to look around and see the sun seeping through the blinds, the knowledge that the the house is quiet and peaceful.

I look at my dog and he’s gone back to sleep, I think about the upcoming day. There’s nothing to rush me out of bed so I play some songs and tickle my dog, read some stories whether from my phone or from a book and enjoy my morning in bed

It’s a feeling of contentment and happiness. A piece of my morning that I look forward to everyday.






whos gonna save the world tonight?

i attended my little nieces birthday, and she turned 5 with a dinner at Shang Palace in Shangri-La with an ice cream cake from Haagan Daaz. During the dinner i found out that both her and her brother have their own mobile phone now. a blueberry lol. their very own color screen camera phone with a qwerty keypad. yes i admit i was a little jealous. when i was 5 the only kind of mobile phone i had was those fake plastic ones you get from the night market. but then again times have changed. when i was 5, cell phones were still a new thing, and color screen phones were unheard of, much less camera phones. but then again this is our future, these kids nowadays who grow up playing wih ipads, cell phones and laptops are our future. so maybe our future will be a really hi tech one. hopefully these kids will have a better sense of self and wisdom than some people now like the obidient wife club for example.

the birthday girl.

the kids phone. haha not a blackberry but a blueberry

Shirt:Romp, Jeans:Forever21, Shoes:Vincci, Bag:Shoez Obsession.


on a related note, i think this obedient wifes club is utter bullshit. a group of ladies decided to form a club which thinks that women are meant to please and be obidient to their husbands at all times. that women are supposed to be better than a first class prostitute in the bedroom and that women should greet their husbands will open arms ready to do whatever they asked. basically their stand is that women should be slaves to their husbands. that we are just here to attend to their every whim and fancy and that we are only meant to make the lifes of a guy easier and much more pleasurable. if a month ago you told me there was such a club, i would never have believed it. the idea that such a club exists is ridiculous. the idea that it was a bunch of women that started it is even more mind blowing. i can only hope that the kids of our future are brought up to have better values than that and hopefully much more self esteem to not think of women as slaves to their husbands.


puppy love.

my daddy got me my birthday present a whole month early. so i decided to test it out with some self portraits and some pictures of my furry babies. also known as my biggest fans. they give me the kind of welcome home, that a celebrity gets from his or her adoring fans.


sometimes i don’t know how i would have survived my down moments without my doggies.


mucho mucho love to my dogs. my babies who always know when is the time to stop jumping around and just sit with me. my babies who lick the tears off my face. and my babies who never fail to put a smile on my face, no matter how mad i was at them just moments before.



sometimes all you need is to take a break, look around and absorb all the beautiful things in your life. because unless you’re in some deep natural disaster shit, theres gotta be something in your life that makes all the shit you’re going through worth it.

picture dump

i think i’m having some post exam stress depression or something. it’s like you stressed so much during the whole semester that now that the holidays are here and¬†suddenly¬†i have absolutely nothing to do. its like too extreme a difference and perhaps all this free time is translating into some sort of depression. and pehaps all this free time is just too much time that i spend thinking about things that are making me kinda depressed. like “if the world ended¬†tomorrow, would i die happy?’ and “would anyone care if i suddenly¬†disappeared?’. but really, if i were to die tomorrow, i don’t think i’ll die happy. satisfied maybe, but¬†definitely¬†not happy.

anyway on a lighter note, the weather in KL is being really bipolar. like one day its super hot. then the next day it’s heavy rain and thunder. anyway yesterday was one of those super hot days, so i just threw on a dress and a cropped top over it. short hemline to beat heat but crop top with sleeves cause my shoulders get cold easily. i’m so weird like that, i wear short hemlines but kinda always try to cover us my arms. not¬†cause¬†im insecure about my arms but cause i’m paranoid about my arms getting cold. i know i’m not one of those who get cold easily ( cause i went through a¬†spaghetti¬†strap phase).

Top: Cotton On, Dress: Flea Market, Bag: Miss¬†Selfridge’s, Shoes: Birkenstock

anyway so i wore this outfit and the weather was super hot but then when i got back, a few hours later the sky got darker and darker and ended in really heavy rain.

and now for some random pictures. random meaning i think they look nice and i just wanna post it here but it doesn’t warrant an actual entire post dedicated to it.

i tried on my steve madden heels in my room to see if i should still walk in them, cause i’ve been cheating with platforms for so long that i didn’t know whether i could still walk in high heels. and my pup decided to sniff my shoes and then sleep on them. my feet smell nice i guess.

finally tried ice cream from The Last Polka earlier this month. a few of my friends had been raving about it so when i tried out a restaurant called The Bee and found out they had the ice cream so i tried it. i tried the Mango flavor, common i know. considering they had more interesting flavors, like nutella and milo. but it was a hot day and i felt like eating mango. anyway it was just ok in my opinion.

oh i miss switchfoot. (self explanatory)

last but not least…

my dog has laser eyes! pew pew ūüôā


looking back at my older pictures, i see loads of photos taken with my parents. we were always happy together, always sharing news and stories. sure we had our arguments. sure voices were raised, tears rolled down and sure a couple doors were slammed shut. but we always made up with hours, sometimes minutes. dinner was always a family affair. we would sit and eat together while watching TV or just talking. mostly we watched E! news cause majority always won and thats what me and my mum voted on. my dad didnt mind.

i was really close to my mum. i didnt have the sort of childhood where i had to keep everything a secret from her. we talked about everything, from her past, to our future, to even gossiping about everyone else. we talked about our relatives, we talked about lady gagas dress sense. i complained about uni and she complained about work. we shared everything. sometimes i wondered if she could read my mind cause she knew just what i was thinking or feeling without me saying anything, as much as i tried to hide it, she always knew. she knew when i envied other people, she knew when i was constructing some evil plan in my mind. she just knew. i guess i could say she knew me really well.

looking back at last year, i wondered how it would have been if we knew, if we knew the fate that would befall us. would it have made us cherish the days more, or would every memories not be¬†dampened¬†because of that thought at the back of our minds ?. if we knew what would we have done ? honestly i dont know. and i probably would never know. all i know is that i still miss her. i still have moments where i would read something and think “OMG i must tell mummy about this later”, only to realize that i couldnt. i still feel¬†guilty¬†when i do things i knew she wouldnt approve of.


i hope up there in heaven she’s looking down and feeling proud of me and my dad.



theres something on my mind, something i wanna try. but it requires time and effort and moving out of my comfort zone. it requires starting from the very bottom and working my way up. actually i may not even be able to get up. but its worth a try right ? i wanna actually achieve something from this idea of mine but im not sure how much time and effort i’m willing to put into this.