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Forget About It

“You know, there are some days when I really feel like this could work. Like, you and I are finally gonna get it right. Then there are days like today, when you make me want to tear my f*cking hair out”
-All Time Low


Until the stars fall from the sky.

pseudo firework art made with the burning charcoal after a bbq.


i think i’m a bit of a pyromaniac. as i kid i always loved playing with fireworks and sparkles. i thought the way the sparks looks and moved were gorgeous and have always wanted to photograph it.  even now as a supposedly adult, i still love to play with sparkles and watch fireworks. in fact at the end of the year, or during any major festivals, where fireworks would be displayed, that would always be the highlight of my day.

meet tobie


this is tobie. tobie is my dog.

out of my three dogs. he is probably the only one who can melt me with his puppy dog face. must be those huge eyes of his that always manage to look innocent. or it could be his ability to act like a child. he runs towards me at full speed only to crash into my lap, sometimes knocking me over, and wait patiently for all the petting to come, and he does all that while his tail is wagging away at super speed.

lost and found.

sometimes i sit on the floor and stare at my cupboard. then i get up and drag everything out. every single article of clothing. only to put it back in again neatly. only for it to be a mess again a few days later. but in the process of dragging everything out and putting it back in. sometimes i find stuff i forgot i had. like this time, i found my harem pants. my harem pants which i never wore before, the pair i bought cause it was selling really cheap. i love my harem pants, its so soft and roomy and comfy. i dont know why or how i even managed to forget about it. but to think about it, at the time i bought it i wasnt really into the harem pants trend but still bought it nonetheless, so its easy to realize or rather remember why i forgot about it, but now that I’ve found it, i’m gonna wear it.

top: Flea market, pants: Cotton On, shoes: New Look

its like i give my past self a pat on the back for always buying things im not sure i like only to end up loving it in the future. like the off white bag i’ve been using the past few weeks. when i bought it i wasnt very sure about it and so i kept it away for months, only to find it again recently and realize its potential to match everything i own 🙂

gimme some blog lovin

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please and thank you!


i realized that i have a lot of clothes. and yet i still face the same dilemma every morning of “what to wear ?” which always come to the conclusion that “i have nothing to wear”. way way in the back of my mind, i know that isn’t true. sometimes all i need is a little inspiration to kick start my creativity to improvise and look at my clothes from a different perspective. in my opinion style isn’t all about what you’re wearing or how in season it is. it’s really about how you wear it to complement your personality and how you mix it up.

Jeans: Forever 21, Scarf: MNG, Suspenders: Fourskin, Heels: New Look, Ring: Topshop.


My splurge of the week and also my new fave ring.