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Puppies at work

Just some adorable pups that were living on the construction site where my dad has a project. I get the feeling that they were really happy living there the way they walked around and following all the workers around










casual chic

Summer jacket
80 GBP –

FAIR true zebra skirt
39 GBP –

Wet seal shoes
18 CAD –

Proenza Schouler satchel shoulder bag
$2,350 –

Brass necklace
$850 –

H m jewelry
3.99 GBP –

90’s boy bands

i spent my day youtube-ing videos of boy bands from the 90’s. listening to songs from 5ive, backstreet boys, n’sync and 911 made me realize just how much i’ve missed the 90’s. a time where i could happily spend my day prancing around the house listening to my fave bands, without a care in the world. a time where my most stressful thought was trying to figure out where i left my barbie dolls. some people wanna be forever 21. why? sure we have independence but we also have stress and worries.

isn’t our teenage years even better ? or maybe our childhood years ?

not in sync

i feel so out of sync these days. furthermore i don’t feel well. i think i’m down with food poisoning or something. whatever. all i want to do is curl up in my room on my bed and just stay there forever.

too late. move on

sat for my persuasion in the media paper today. it’s like pure torture to make me sit in the exam hall with the paper right infront of me and telling me to wit 5 more minutes till i can begin. that 5 minutes feels like forever and i feel like the longer i sit there the more information is slipping out of my head.anyway the paper was kinda ok-ish i could do some but the rest ? i kinda blanked. yea i know blanked. as in i read it before i went it. i looked at it and i knew which chapter it came from, i knew that i read through the answer. the only thing i didn’t know ? was the answer itself. but whatever. it’s too late to do anything. now it’s time to study moral cause my next paper is tmrw morning at 8am. ugh whoever sets the exam timetable and decided to have exams at 8 in the morning is just plain mean. who functions well at 8am ? definitely not me. but hey at least by 10 tmrw I’ll be done with 3 of my 5 papers. and by this time next week I’ll be completely done with this semester and hopefully will be able to go on to year 3 next year =)