you’re just a daydream away.

i realize that i haven’t done a proper outfit post in quite a while, but thats because i’ve been kinda stuck in a rut and lazy to dress up and also cause every time i’ve actually dressed up i’ve been either lazy to take a shot of it or just couldnt find a nice place to take the shot. i like having clear backgrounds and it frustrates me to have to a busy background sometimes. so anyway here’s my not very stylish outfit shots, just because i felt like this space was getting somewhat neglected.

see my daily outfits have consited of flat shoes, shorts and a tank top. but then again now that my holidays are over and i’m back to uni, i feel like im getting not so lazy. so maybe there’ll be more outfit posts.



Like I’m walking on air.

because i like to take precious time to have fun and do unproductive things just to get away from the mundane days of studying.

Top: Bangkok
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Bangkok

A bit of a distraction

right now as i’m typing out this post, I’ve got Americas Next Top Model Cycle 13 playing at the same time. this being my fave cycle cause i love the winner. anyway i was in Bangkok! for 4 days and 3 night. but technically shopping wise i had 3 days cause our flight to come back to KL was at 6pm so we had to eave early in case there was a traffic jam or something.

but i loved it. i loved every single moment there and literally didnt want to leave. i was planning with Erina to hug the pillars in the airport so there shouldn’t drag us away.

so anyway i went there with

Erina and her mum, Peggy


and Sia Peng

oooh and shopping, it was love 🙂

hmm dont have much to write now cause my attention which started off on this post is now almost completely focused on ANTM but i wanted to post something so…

i miss the hotel buffet breakfast, yummy omelette with extra cheese and pork bacon every morning


birthday post: part 3

and heres the last and final part of my posts about my birthday. seeing as my birthday was over a month ago i’ll say its been long overdue. anyway for this last post, my birthday was celebrated at Bettys Midwest Kitchen with the boy, my dad, his sister and my brother and his clan 🙂

the food was delicious and we finished every single bite and cleaned our plates. we wanted to try everything from the menu but alas we couldn’t so we each ordered a plate each and shared so we got to try about half the dishes on the menu, we had the pork ribs and pork chops, and burgers and one more that i could remember what it was, it was pork related i remember.

the foood

and heres some proof that we cleaned our plates

its my last birthday cake for the year!

look how happy he looks while destroying the flowers on my cake 😦


A little bit of peace

To wake up every morning tangled in my comforters, hugging my bolster and stuffed elephant.

To turn around and see my dog still sleeping soundly next to me, he’ll stir awake because o the movement I’ve caused by turning around and he look at me through sleepy eyes and give me a lick of the face as if he’s saying good morning.

And to look around and see the sun seeping through the blinds, the knowledge that the the house is quiet and peaceful.

I look at my dog and he’s gone back to sleep, I think about the upcoming day. There’s nothing to rush me out of bed so I play some songs and tickle my dog, read some stories whether from my phone or from a book and enjoy my morning in bed

It’s a feeling of contentment and happiness. A piece of my morning that I look forward to everyday.





birthday post: part 2

i know its been quite a while since i’ve blogged and im really sorry for my absence its just that i’ve been really lazy. yes i admit that im not busy and overwhelmed with a lack of time management but just lazy and unable to get out of my comfy bed 🙂


anyway heres part 2 of my birthday post. theres gonna be 3 parts by the way.


so for my second birthday celebration, i celebrate with a few friends. a few meaning 4 only . haha its the quality and not the quantity in my case. and i decided i wanted to do something different besides the usual thing that everyone does, which is go to the mall and eat expensive food, or go clubbing or go have some big party. this year i wanted to do something simple and different so we went to a typical Chinese seafood restaurant and have lots and lots of seafood. we didnt feel the need to dress up or wear heels or stay out all night long. also cause it was the weekedn before finals and being the studious students that we are we gotta worry about our studying. lots of love to pearly who still came even thoguht she had her first paper very early the next morning. 🙂 theres not a lot of pictures for this post because we ate and talked a lot and hence didnt really bother with the taking pictures. besides we started eating the moment the food reached the table, the camera just didnt stand a chance.

heres me and pearly

and pearly, me and abby


and my cake 🙂 chocolate and mint. yummeh





thats the day that i was born. so that means i turned 22 this year. another year to cement my adult status. however i still dont feel anything. i don’t feel older or wiser and more adult like. i dont know who decided that 21 should be the age to classify someone as an adult. i think being an adult should be defined by the experiences someone goes through or maybe how mature the person thinks. as the saying goes, age is nothing but a number.

anyway this year for my birthday, i had 3 seperate celebrations. one with family, another with my family and extended family and lastly another one with my friends. ao the first one was at my aunties house and was a combination of me, my dad, my bro and my aunts birthday. because our birthdays are within a few days of each other. 29th june, 2nd, 5th and 8th july. and we had a barbeque kinda. actually it was supposed to be a small dinner with grilled food and all but then on the day itself i arrived to see the rest of my family all there. and my cousin was like yea, she thought it was supposed to be a small dinner too anyway so our small dinner became a full blown family gathering.  oh well it was alright and the food was yummy.

we had pork

lamb and lots of veggies and lots of steak (not pictured)

and 3 birthday cakes! one chocolate, 1 tiramisu and 1 passionfruit.

oops forgot to rotate the picture. anyway my dad honestly. you would think being his age and all would know how to cut a cake but no his slice came out like yucks.

so anyway i guess i’ll seperate the other 2 into seperate posts. and leave you with a picture of me and my nephew doing god knows what